Michael Fielder

... Dancer ... Choreographer ... Performer,

LATIN JAZZ Master Class

This  Latin Jazz Master Class combines the invigorating  rhythms and styles of Latin dance along with  Jazz and Ballet fundamentals.

Class begins with basic isolation's that are intermixed with Latin body motions while incorporating  floor barre exercises

that work on strengthening the dancers core and flexibility.

At this level the dancers skills are assessed and challenged by incorporating authentic Latin dance movements with Jazz and Ballet technique

in an across the floor exercise to build strength, dexterity and stamina.

Influenced by some of today's hottest Latin musical artists and classical talents lively dance combination's will allow dancers

to strengthen their awareness of space, musicality, timing and precision

giving them the freedom to execute  flawless performances on or off the stage...


Proper dance attire is strongly recommended.

Senoritas (ladies): A Black form fitting outfit for the stretch technique portion of class then a skirt and dance orientated heels for floor work.

Hombres (men): Black dance attire flexible enough to move freely in. comfortable dance shoes (no sport shoes).

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